Welcome to The Battle Standard stores, New England’s premier tabletop game and hobby locations!

At The Battle Standard you’ll find all the resources, tools and amenities to comfortably enjoy tabletop strategy games. We are continuously striving to change the way Tabletop Gaming is done in New England and we are proud to say the response has been 100% positive!

You can find us conveniently located in two locations. Prospect Hill Plaza at 4 Prospect Hill Road, East Windsor CT and 440 Washington Street in Auburn MA. We want all of our potential visitors to know that we pride ourselves on being a specialty store, catering directly to Miniature Games, Board Games, and Card Games with plenty of space to play them. Our goal is to introduce you to the games we sell and cultivate a great local gaming community with events, activities, and open game play. You won’t need to sidestep beanie babies, balsa wood airplanes, and dollhouses to get to the goodies. The store layout is simple, clean and well lit. Our staff is attentive and knowledgeable. So whether you’re coming in for that last minute item or staying to play a round or two with your friends, you can expect to experience Tabletop Gaming at it’s finest.

Our retail/gaming spaces are themed to match the games we feature. Our gaming floor is always clean and exceptionally well lit. We’re open to hosting all Tabletop Miniature Games, Collectible and Non-Collectible Card Games and niche Board / Dice Games. The spacious environment allows us to host these games simultaneously which means you’ll never arrive to find your game of choice taking a backseat to another hobby. We also provide free WiFi access for quick downloads of army lists, etc.

Our miniature wargaming tables are counter-height and include multiple coat hooks, beverage holders and stools so you can keep your gear at-the-ready and play in comfort. Our terrain pieces are creative and challenging to play on and are constantly changing in theme and scenario thanks to our Terrain Management team. A great care and detail goes into each piece and we are proud to have some of the best terrain in the area.

We provide designated hobby and painting areas that are brightly lit, a perfect height for all ages, and equipped with power receptacles for magnifying lamps, Airbrushes, rotary tools, and laptops. You won’t find a better place to share and improve your miniature assembling and painting skills. We supply paint palettes, cutting boards and a slop-sink for clean up when the modeling and painting is done. In our Auburn location we feature a full service Hobby Bar where the cleanup is on us.

Our dedicated card, role-play and board gaming area has plenty of elbow room and each gaming area opens up directly onto the main floor allowing you to enjoy your game in it’s own space while still experiencing the visuals and conversation of ongoing games around you. This concept has led to more people, playing more games, in more genres. Everybody wins when more people play more games. As game enthusiasts first and foremost we knew this and therefore it has become our business strategy.

We maintain the most popular and new release products. Popular titles such as Warhammer/Warhammer 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Magic the Gathering, Steve Jackson Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Z-MAN Games, Flying Frog Productions, Days of Wonder and so much more! We will gladly special order for you and with our membership program you will find our prices are very competitive. In addition, we carry a wide range of hobby tools and supplies, dice, and card sleeves and accessories.

Our growing community of gamers stretches from Northern CT into Southern CT, Western MA, various parts of RI and even Boston and New York! We are very proud to have players from all regions visiting us in both Manchester CT and Auburn MA because it means our business strategy is working. In 2011 we introduced a very competitive membership program called TBS-X, The Battle Standard TEN Membership Program that offers several benefits including discounts, access to member only events, and giveaways.

We invite you to join us 7 days a week to build, paint, play and “talk shop”. Be sure to click on events and subscribe so you can locate and participate in one of our many tournaments, classes and activities. As always please feel free to contact us by email or telephone should you have any questions we can answer for you. We hope to see you soon at The Battle Standard!

The Battle Standard Management Team:
Jared B., Owner & Store Manager CT
Robert D., Store Manager MA


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