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What is a Tabletop Game?
Tabletop Game is a general term used to refer to board games, card games, dice games, miniatures wargames, tile-based games and other games that are normally played on a table or other flat surface.
The term is used to distinguish these types of games from sports and video games. The term is also used to distinguish role-playing games from role-playing video games and LARPs, although role-playing games may not necessarily require a wide playing surface. Another related term is a hobby game.”
-courtesy of Wikipedia

Welcome to The Battle Standard!  New England’s premier tabletop game and hobby locations.

At The Battle Standard you’ll find all the resources, tools, and amenities to comfortably enjoy all kinds of tabletop strategy games. You can find us in two locations in New England.  Our original store, opened in 2010 and relocated in November of 2016, in East Windsor, CT and our second, larger store opened in May of 2015 in Auburn, MA. Both locations are specialty stores catering directly to Miniature Games, Board Games, and Card Games while offering plenty of space to play them.  Our goal is to introduce the games we sell and cultivate a great local gaming community through events, activities, and open game play.

Since 2010 we have set the bar for the way in which Tabletop Gaming venues should feel and function and we’re proud to say the response has been 100% positive.  Tabletop venues all over Connecticut and Massachusetts have upped their game to a new standard and we like to think we’ve pushed them in that direction.  Better gaming at all locations means more players, bigger crowds for events, and more attention on what is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there!

We ask that you  join us in saying, “no more!” to wobbly card tables, dank basements, and meat-locker tournament venues.  We promise a clean, well-lit, gaming area.  The best in the business.  And say, “no thank you!” to sidestepping beanie babies, balsa wood airplanes, and dollhouses to get to your favorite games. We sell tabletop games and hobby supplies, period.  Most importantly… say, “Goodbye” to Mr. Grump at Ye Olde ‘Obby Shoppe that’s been mistreating you for years and that hipster Todd at Globo-Hobby that thinks war-gaming was started when The Big Bang Theory aired and it’s destined to be the new fantasy football. Our staff is courteous, attentive, knowledgeable, and best of all…TABLETOP GAME FANATICS JUST LIKE YOU!  Remember why you started playing.  F-U-N.

You don’t require a time machine to see the future of tabletop gaming and there is no magical portal to a more accepting, like-minded community of friendly people.  Players must demand it.  The industry needs to listen.  We have.  Right now, right here, at The Battle Standard.” – Jared Brodeur, Owner/Operator, The Battle Standard LLC.

We Proudly Sell
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What is the TBS-X Membership Program?

The TBS-X (or TEN) Membership Program is our way of offering discounts and rewards to those most loyal customers. For a single, affordable annual fee a member saves 10% on all in-store purchases year-round. On items that are not on-hand, you save 20%!  With a TBS-X membership you can even call ahead to reserve a table & a particular set of terrain pieces. We ask that you click the button below to get all the details and consider joining the 200+ people that have taken advantage of this program. We’re proud to have come up with such an aggressive membership plan and we’re confident our customers will agree!

Our Customers Say…
  • "One of the best if not THE best tabletop gaming stores! Good people, friendly atmosphere!"

    Vincent L. Facebook Reviewer / Owner Paradise Tattoo of Milford CT
  • "This store is outstanding. Great crowd of people that play Warmachine here. The tables and terrain are in great shape. They have events quite often that have great turn outs. The place is clean and well lit. The staff are friendly and fun to be around. Great place!"

    Randall H. Facebook Reviewer
  • "Overall an excellent experience. A group of our friends came into the shop recently for our first Friday Night Magic and we were welcomed with open arms by a very helpful and friendly environment. The staff on hand that night was very friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in making our first Friday Night Magic a success. Great prices, great staff and a ton of fun. Would highly recommend The Battle Standard."

    Jordan E. Facebook Reviewer
  • "Took a look and felt like I was at home right away. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make me feel welcome."

    Jason D. Facebook Reviewer
  • “The Battle Standard is a great place to buy and play strategy and board games. Unlike many dank, cellar-like gaming shops, TBS is a clean, inviting, all-ages environment with several large game tables for miniature strategy games and banquet tables for board and card games. The staff is friendly and knowlegeble and enthusiastic about their products and the gaming hobby."

    Mike M. TripAdvisor Reviewer
  • "It's refreshing to be able to go to a place where the emphasis is upon a great gaming experience. They are able to get pretty much everything you want by order or will even drive it up from their CT location if they have it there. But, the best part is the sheer size of the gaming and hobby area. You could have a painting event, a Card Game event, and two separate Tabletop game events all at once and still have room for those who want to browse the wares or just watch. Add in the fact that the entire place is painted and accessorized to look like a post modern battleground and you have an amazing store."

    Jack R. Yelp Reviewer
  • "Very nice man behind the counter who was very attentive but not so much that you feel like you are being pressured into a purchase at all. Other customers in the store seemed to have a friendly relationship with the owner and I could see why. He was very personable and I cannot wait until I return to the store to make more purchases. If, like me, you were looking for a place to get all of your Magic/DnD/tabletop stuff, I think you've found it. I look forward to giving them my continued business and I cannot recommend them highly enough."

    Michael M. Google Reviewer
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